• Authentic Caribbean Foundation has two programs to assist children with disabilities both in the Diaspora and the Caribbean. The Foundation works closely with families, schools, community members and other not-for-profit organizations to help create an environment that is supportive of the care and development of children with disabilities. Our programs: Learning Disability Program and Pediatric Disability Equipment Supply Program

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Authentic Caribbean Foundation is transforming the lives of the Caribbean children and their caregivers through health and educational support. This foundation is a non-government entity that aims to serve and positively transform lives of disability kids in the Diaspora and the Caribbean.

We assist children in USA and the Caribbean community with education, special disability, health issues (aids & cancer), community exchange program, donating to special programs in the Diaspora through Caribbean awareness, charity, events and programs….

Help us support a worthy cause by donating to one of our program and assist a special child.


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